Too True Lyrics - Ken Stringfellow

Ken Stringfellow This Sounds Like Goodbye cover art
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Release Date: 1997-10-4
length: 5:40

I can stand it no longer, I can’t keep my tongue tied
I’m not one to silently pray
But you loved him first so of course I come second
But now I’ve come forth just to say
That I’m sick of my life, ’cause it ’s always revolving
Around someone who’s threatening to leave
I’ve been looking for something
From you who have nothing
Nothing to give or receive
And it’s true, it’s too true
So you’ll go to him, and I’ll never win
And I’ll settle for somebody else
And make their life empty with my disappointment
That I wasn’t the one who could help
Will we be 32 and just getting wasted
With whoever is left every night
And looking at successful couples with children
And thinking that could never be my life
I want a new deal I demand a rewrite
This script isn ‘t going my way
And I question the morals of the writer who tortures
Me as I inhabit their play
And it’s true, it’s true
The sick thing is I feel about you
The same way you feel about him
And it’s wrong to give up when there’s a glimmer of hope
That it won’t work out or in your case it will
My heart is stocked like my parents’ refrigerator
Just open it and eat your fill
But I grow back slower than an alpine meadow
But only in your footprints am I killed
And it’s true, it’s too true
Am I so bad?

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