The Man With a Plan Lyrics - Ken Tamplin

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length: 5:08
In the midst of the garden he does hide
Looking to enjoy his hour of pride
Leading the way of all the world
With fire from his soul at us he'll hurt
As we search for a sign, evil calls un in to dine
While we worship idols of the tribe
The tangled web we weave when we practive to deceive
As we choose to believe the great disguise

Then comes
The man with a plan
He's got the answers
We'll I'll be d***ed
Then comes
The man with a plan
Waiting for his cue upon this stage
With claim to bring peace to the nation's rage
Son of perdition, devil born
His evil hand will shone when love is done


We've sold our souls and in good conscience we
Live happily on the proceeds
The savior that this world will see
Will carry the mark of the beast
Here comes
The man with a plan
He's got all the answers
Well I'll be d***ed
Here comes
The man with a plan
His smiling jaws will
Help you understand

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