Who Sang Like This? Kenan Bell

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Release Date: 2010
length: 3:02
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Like This

Excuse me
I didn't mean to interrupt
Like Mount Vesuvius
I'm about due to erupt
Use it or I'm losing it
They say I need to loosen up
Tight I'm well taught
I must do the max
Like gluteus
Bo knows Diddly squat
Smart alec I'm a do it up
Trying to win her heart
But not just 'cuz she got the biggest b***
Lovely from the start
I don't believe in beginner's luck
I do have something to say
So you gotsta give it up...Give it up

You never heard something like this before
I like this

Excuse me
I need you to listen up
So. Cali earthquake
I came just to shake it up
Late like my birth date
Level-headed I came up
Rise and shine raise the blinds
Now's the time to wake up
Life is a test
And it's one you can't make up
Seems like they make it tough on us
Trying to make us tough
Some females been blessed
Others rely on make up
Well none the less I confess
I can't pray enough...Pray enough
You never heard something like this before
I like this
If I only kill emcees
Does it maybe make it just?
Or if I spread like disease
Just to make a big fuss
Say they wanna save the trees
But we keep rolling 'em up
You were down on your knees
Begging I told you to Get up!
Learned early bout birds and bees
Does it make you a s***?
Getting dirty I stay clean
And you wanna mess me up
You want me to get obscene
Told me you'd eff me up
Say you felt empty without me
Need me to come feel you up...NO!

You never heard something like this before
I like this

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  • Release information
    label: Sonata Contata
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin