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Release Date: 2010-6-29
length: 4:07

I couldn’t write you a symphony
With all of these pieces and pieces and pictures of who you are
And i couldn’t write you a love poem
With all these meanings and things, all these stories of who you are
And i couldn’t be your coach
In all these words that i want- all these words that i want you to say
Well i beg - it hurts (beg, it hurts)
Anything- that’s the word
What you wanna be? what you want?
Can’t you see?
And i never eat, never sleep
Headaches are killing me
Won’t you be, won’t you be, won’t you be
All that i need in my life?
Well if i couldn’t take you honey on another day, another night
I’ll just cry
And i believe that you want me
Even if you never- you never look my way
And i’m on the floor, all alone, all alone, all alone
Praying for you to come back
Come back to me
I just might die
Boy you say to me, say to me
Let it go..
Don’t you know?
You don’t know
This is how, this is why .
Oh no…
I want you right here. here
I need you right here. here with me
I couldn’t sing your stories
Before you left me left me left me
Baby this stings.
And i couldn’t take these memories
Don’t know where you talk, where you are.
Never mind, forget your name
Well i try sleep so hard
Try to live, fall apart.
Don’t you remember?
Can’t you remember?
Why. . why can’t you be here?
I need you right here
Here with me
I want you right here, right here by my side
Cuz it don’t matter what you did last night

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