Give Her the Gun Lyrics - Kenelis

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Release Date: 2009-1-26
length: 5:24
Give her, the gun, the gun, someone, outside
She shoots, her pride, her pride, inside
Patiently, patiently
You didn´t say, you´d love her anyway, you´d die to heal her pain
She´s nothing less than bleed for you,
bleed for you, breathe for you, breath for you
I don´t even wanna hear it, I don´t even wanna make that noise,
I don´t even wanna hear it
Oh, don´t go, where she´s been
Daylight dies, now it´s time
To bury you, bury you, bury you, bury you

Less to care, and less to say, it´s no fair just go away,
daylight dies the night is fray, nice to know you
In the silence of her room, leave a message be back soon,
now´s the time, the time´s for you, now she´s gonna

Bury you, bury you, bury you, bury
Bury you, bury you, bury you, bury you.

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