Brother John Lyrics - Kenickie

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Release information
Release Date: 1997-5-12
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Punk/Indie Rock
length: 2:58
lyricist: Lauren Gofton
composer: Anne Marie Nixon, Lauren Gofton
And now its all gone wrong
Brother John can't fix it can't call
Onto one of his midgets
Cos I am the best
Don't you ever dare to forget
Get on your knees
And belive it

I think that everyone looks better
When they're sad
It's OK to be sad

It's up to you
Where your going
What you will do
Time to make a decision
Don't prtend you're nice
Just run fast catch up to your life
It's rolling over with ya

Ithink that everyone looks better
When they're sad
Its OK to be sad

I rule the throat
Give you golden tablets to swallow
Get it down when I tell ta
Take out your eyes
Give you back a ruby suprise
Now your tears are worth it

To think that they belive us
When we say we're sad
It's OK to be sad

Don't make my mistakes
And live too fast
Fillyour life with dirty passion
Don't make my mistakes and
Close your eyes
Fillyour head
Up with things you like

Let's hear some noise (whooo!)
Come on children give us your voice
Time to show you belive it
Sing Alleluia (Alleluia!)
Give it all you've got for real fur
Cos we know what you'r wearing

I think that everyone looks better
When they're sad
It's OK I'm not sad

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