I Never Complain Lyrics - Kenickie

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Release information
Release Date: 1997-5-12
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Punk/Indie Rock
length: 3:51
lyricist: Lauren Gofton
composer: Anne Marie Nixon, Lauren Gofton
I never complain
It never gets you anywhere
It's always the same
Push too hard you'll break the frame

You and I are light
We're like b___erflies
But not so easy
I need s___e to hide
And if I close my eyes
Can you see me?

I never will break
Load my up I'll take the strain
It's always the same
Take the weight you take the blame

You and I collide
We're like comets but
We're not that bright
I need s___e I'm shy
And if I close my eyes
Can you see me?

You can take the pace
But are you getting anywhere
This isn't a race
And there's no finish line there

You and I are right
we're like angels but
We're scared of dying
I need you tonight
And if I close my eyes
Will you be here?

It's night and I have tied
My genius to my lunacy
It's height and he's alright
But I'm here in this room again
Giving up
You give it up too
Give it up to me

Cos I like to take
I'll suck things out you never knew
You had to forsake
Just let go and give it up to

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