Nightlife Lyrics - Kenickie

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Release information
Release Date: 1997-5-12
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Punk/Indie Rock
length: 3:20
lyricist: Lauren Gofton
composer: Pete Gofton, Anne Marie Nixon, Lauren Gofton
if you could touch our lizard skin
we wouldn't feel it
we meet at night in shady bars
then we get greedy

daytime! nighttime!

I can't work with heavy coats
they're not revealing
have to see each other's clothes
so we're all freezing

don't mind! we like!


and now there are stains on all my clothes
I don't remember
so now I walk with back to walls
in front of friends

Streetlights! Streetlife!


we are HERE for your entertainment
take us as you like
we are YOURS for your delectation
eat to your delight

we are NOW for your inspiration
soundtrack to the times
we are YOUNG for your desecration
destroy what you find

if I see you out again
we'll smile in passing
no I don't want to see you, friend
but thanks for asking

Heartbreak (heartbreak!)
nice time (nice time!)
Streetlight (streetlight!)
skintight (skintight!)

Kiss you! (Kiss you!) Kiss my! (Kiss my!)


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