The Definition Lyrics - Kenn Starr feat. Melanie Rutherford

Melanie Rutherford Square One cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-1-27
length: 3:09
producer: Black Milk

[Melanie Rutherford]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
What's really good though?

[Verse 1]
I ain't tryna be all salty and bitter
And take love to the Facebook wall and be all stalking the Twitter
Was involved then we split up, but stayed fuck buddies
And cutty, believe she know who to call and to hit up
And it's on when we get up, fronting like ain't no feelings at all
It's a setup. She all for it, I'm playing along
Saying "you better not fall for it Kenneth"
We've been going back and forth for a minute
Straddling the fence, convinced she never had it so intense
But then, it never matters in the end so when-
Ever she call I'ma keep hitting ignore and start
Cutting her off keep your distance, good lord she persistent
She'd love me to give in, attraction entrapment
Swore she the victim and that broad need attention
And it's hard not to give it when she stacked like a Braxton
Fine from the front, but from the back she immaculate

[Chorus - Melanie Rutherford]
You and I need to define what we gon' be
Is it really you and me, yeah
You and I need to define what we gon' be
Is it you and me, yeah

[Verse 2]
Bad habits harder to break
Her attitude make it harder to stay, she wear her heart on her sleeve
That’s the reason that it’s harder to leave. And I’m the only one? That’s hard to believe but she don’t owe me nothing
Cuz we only fucking, that’s what started the beef
HomieLover, play your part, keep it neat, don’t get mess-y
I just leave, dipping the minute this chick stress me
Huh...What she expect when she causing me grief?
Same scene, hitting pause and repeat, the trees, tonic, and gin
Making platonic friends harder to be
My first pick, now she part of the team, but on the bench
Keep her hooked like Hakeem Olajuwan and Kareem
Need a queen with thighs thick as Mary Blige in that scene
From "Real Love," fuck the lies and the schemes, so what it's gon' be
You want me, jealousy intervened
The Definition, letting Melanie sing and bring melody


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