Square One Lyrics - Kenn Starr

Kenn Starr Square One cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-1-27
length: 2:10
producer: Kev Brown

[Verse 1: Kenn Starr]
Forget the chitchat and let's make it happen
The ones who said I'd never make it rappin'
Are torn to shreds like cleanin' carpet spills with a paper napkin
Regard my skill as a gift to the masses
So I guess you could consider this "wrappin"
The bars, the curriculum within the song givin' em classes
Mr. Starr ain't givin' no passes
I dont grade on a curve, I got a way with them words
This ain't the Revenge of the Nerds
And ain't no bullies getting they ass kicked
Was thinking that I wasn't fully built for this rap shit
Retracted, and never reconsidered my passion
I took all of them feelings I had
And then turned em into the venom and the acid
I'm kllin' the track with
You bag what you practice, them feminine tactics
Queens with a lisp all in your accent
A man purse, skinny jeans, buncha glitter all in your Chapstick
Integrity, I wonder where that went- its absent
We need it, cause generally speakin'
There's too many MC's claimin' general or kingpin
Allow me to give em a minute so it can sink in
I'm on the brink 'n I'm trynna make a dollar outta fifteen lincolns
Ballin on a budget like 15's twinklin'
Callin' on Low Budget to revise and revitalize
The type of hip-hop that you pride and you idolize
And you can sink your teeth in
Let me breathe and regain my composure
Yeah I'm in the game for exposure
Came for the fame and the dough but I'm stayin' for the closure
I told ya, my DNA's engrained with the culture
Even when I do it like I'm jokin' around
I still sound like the dopest around
To find competition you would have to dig a hole, open the ground
And make a dead rapper open his mouth
Let's take it back to square one

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