What Have I Done With His Name Lyrics - Kenneth Cope

Release information
Release Date: 2002
length: 4:24
Father named me after Grandpa
He said he hoped that I would one day
Be the man that he was
Well, Grandpa died when I was five years old
And so he hasn't been around to know
What his namesake has done
But what if he's watching
What if Grandpa's seen all I've become

What have I done with his name
I'm hoping he won't be ashamed
The right or the wrong
I've done it all with his name

Someone named me after Mormon
Trying to turn world against me
Because of faith etched in gold
But that name has stood for goodness
And its fame now floods the nations
By the words Mormon wrote
Now, what if he's watching
Have I been true to what Mormon made known


There's a Name above all others
And it's the only one that saves
So Grandpa, me and Mormon
We love this Name
And we know He's watching
Jesus sees all of our faith

What will we do with His name
He's hoping we won't be ashamed
The right or the wrong
We do it all with His name
But, He can catch us when we fall
'Cause that's what He does with His name

That blessed name
I love His name

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