I Remember Clifford Lyrics - Kenny Dorham

Release information
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Jazz
Style: Bop
producer: Orrin Keepnews
engineer: Jack Higgins
piano: Cedar Walton
trumpet: Kenny Dorham
trombone: Curtis Fuller
vocal: Kenny Dorham
bass: Sam Jones
drums (drum set): G. T. Hogan
composer: Benny Golson
I know he'll never be forgotten
He was a king uncrowned
I know I'll always remember
The warmth of his sound
Lingering long I'm sure he's still around
For those who heard they respect him yet
So those who hear won't forget
The sound of each phrase
Echoing time uncountable by days
The things he played are with us now
And they'll endure should time allow
Oh yes I remember Clifford
I seem to always fed him near somehow
Every day I hear his lovely tone
In every trumpet sound that has a beauty all its own
So how can we say something so real has really gone away?
I hear him now, I always will
Believe me I remember Clifford still.

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CD 1
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  • 2 I Remember Clifford
  • 3 Since I Fell for You
  • 4 I Understand
  • 5 From This Moment On
  • 6 This Is the Moment
  • 7 Angel Eyes
  • 8 Where Are You?
  • 9 Golden Earrings
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