I'd Do It All Over Again Lyrics - Kenny Marks

Release information
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Pop Rock/Classic Rock
length: 3:29
I'd Do It All Over Again by Kenny Marks

So we've been arguing
'Bout things I'd rather forget
What about you
It's so discouraging
To think of all the moves I regret
I can never undo
Should I throw in the towel
Take off on a holiday
No way

I wouldn't change a thing

I'd do it all over again
You're my everything
I'd do it all over again

I'm not a perfect guy
I'm just a man who's trying to be
Devoted and true
My only alibi
Is you're my best girl
God gave you to me
And He gave me to you
Oh, no I'll never give up
I'm no relationship runaway
No way

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