White Dress Lyrics - Kenny Marks

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Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Pop Rock/Classic Rock
length: 4:51
She wore a white dress and a rainbow ribbon in her hair
One candle burned on her birthday cake
Mum and Dad were there
Wishing they could be like her without a care

She wore a pink dress to her school on her very first day
Mum and Dad drove her there and they cried as they drove away
Tears for her but more tears for yesterday

She wore a blue dress and rode her bike to the corner store
Daddy said now he's leaving for good
And he slammed the door
No Goodbyes, no more Daddy any more

As she grew up they grew apart
It'll never be the same
How they watched love go with a heavy heart
And they wonder who's to blame

"It's not your fault that he went away
He went walking out the door
And it's not your fault that he had to say
He didn't love me any more"

She wore a red dress and her mother's single strand of pearls
Dressed and ready for the senior prom
What a lovely girl

"You're a woman now and it's time I said
A certain thing or two
Have the time of your life and remember dear
I'm so very proud of you

It's not your fault that he went away
There was nothing you could do
And please believe me when I say
There's nothing wrong with you"

She wore a white dress
One candle burned as it did before
The baby smiles at the sad old man standing at the door
"I don't know what I ever left here for"

"Well I can't stay long but I have to say
A certain thing or two
Since I've been gone my world's been grey
But the colors stayed with you"

And before he left he laid a gift
On baby's little bed
Inside they found a rainbow dress
Of white, pink, blue and red

Of white, pink, blue and red

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