Haven't We Met Lyrics - Kenny Rankin

Release information
Release Date: 1974
Genre: Jazz Rock
Style: Folk Rock/Rhythm & Blues/Latin Jazz
length: 2:30
writer: Kenny Rankin, Ruth Batchelor
I've Ordered Some Rain For Tomorrow
The Sky Will Be Sunny But Wet
And Out Of Nowhere You're Suddenly There
And I Say Yeah, Pardon Me Haven't We Met

I've Ordered Some Sunshine With Showers
And I've Got My Scenery Set
Right There With The Thought Our Umbrellas Gonna b__p
And I Say Yeah, Yeah, Pardon Me Haven't We Met


Accidents Can Happen
And Into One I'm Gonna Slide
There's A Good Chance To Give My Hands On A Little Romance
When Two Hearts Collide

And I Know That's Just How It Happened
When Romeo Met Juliet
Somewhere I've Read That Old Romeo Said
Pardon Me Haven't We Met

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