Pussywillows Cattails Lyrics - Kenny Rankin

Release information
Release Date: 1974
Genre: Jazz Rock
Style: Folk Rock/Rhythm & Blues/Latin Jazz
length: 3:27
composer: Gordon Lightfoot
lyricist: Gordon Lightfoot
*****willows cattails soft wind and roses
Rainpools in the woodland water to my knees
Shivering quivering the warm breath of spring
*****willows cattails soft winds and roses

Catbirds and cornfields daydreams together
Riding on the roadside the dust gets in your eyes
Reveling disheveling the summer night can bring
*****willows cattails soft winds and roses

Slanted rays and colored days stark blue horizons
Naked limbs and wheat bins hazy afternoons
Voicing rejoicing the wine cups to bring
*****willows cattails soft winds and roses

Hars nights and candlelights wood fires a-blazin
Soft lips and fingertips resting in my soul
Treasuring remembering the promise of spring
*****willows cattails soft winds and roses
And roses
And the soft winds

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