End of an Era Lyrics - Kenziner

Kenziner The Last Horizon cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-5-23
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal/Power Metal
length: 5:58
I'm screaming for vengeance
Desperation burning my eyes
They told us a secret
That the worlds will collide
Crusader for wisdom
No two versions are the same
Get immersed in theories
Wage a war or dwell in shame
The feathered one descending
Blazing rift in the sky
The serpent seethes in anger
Bellows a battle cry
Millions die
Within this scripture you'll find the truth if you are bold
The fractal wave dies out, our empire grows too old
As two thrones are taken ancient evil claims the rule
Patterns form in the galaxy and the king becomes the fool in turn

I fear I'll never understand
Why the times are changing
I'm only curious 'bout the end
The end of an era
I know I have failed before
Stars will give the answer
And this time we'll be taken away
This is the end of an era
Knowledge and understanding
Are of no use at all
Take my word into your heart
Follow, don't question when you hear my call

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