Images of the Past Lyrics - Kenziner

Kenziner Timescape cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-5-27
Genre: Rock
Style: Progressive Metal/Symphonic Rock
length: 5:47
I call destiny, by the moon in the dark of the night
I scream angerly, for a chance to plead your plight
I cry remorsefully, to the stars within my sight
I feel desperately, it wasn't fair nor was it right
Then the wind, the rain and the hail
All came crashing down
The balme, the pain and the shame
All came around
Face to face with love...images
Turn your back on above...images
We walk hand in hand...images
It's all teh masters plan...images
Images of the past
We will never forget, my mind is clear
Time goes ever so fast, images of the past
[repeat 3]</i>
[repeat 2]</i>
We will never forget, my mind is clear
I couldn't endlessly, all ways to make us whole
We hold eternity, in our hearts and in our souls
I shake violently, with the thought that I've been told
We stand gallantly, for the love that we still hold

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