Our Times Lyrics - Kenziner

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Release information
Release Date: 2014-5-23
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal/Power Metal
length: 5:31
I read the news of tomorrow
Found the truth behind the lines
This world is burning
We'll feed the flames with our lies
People have their truth all around the world
It's never us but followers of false belief
Nations waging war, banners are unfurled
Shut up and stand in line
Obey! It's your relief. Yeah!
Where can we go now?
Where's the next one we can free?
Who can we save now?
Impact on wealth is the key
It is the time to open up our eyes and to find the truth
It is the time to see through these lies and feel how the world is burning

Now that I see it all
I need to find another way
Greed will be our culture's fall
Unless we can change but time is ending
Our time is ending
What if tomorrow we can find another path?
This vicious cycle of revenge, it cannot stand
We could lay down the arms, let go of our wrath
Or keep on going like before, death on demand

Now I can see it all
Greed will be our culture's fall
We are on our way to the end of our times
We are on our way towards a world where
A life's got no value but price

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