The Last Horizon Lyrics - Kenziner

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Release Date: 2014-5-23
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal/Power Metal
length: 8:13
We're all seated, it's our last night
Last ones to go, prepared for the flight
Motors are roaring, no one can stay
If there's a new home, please tell me now
I should believe but I don't know just how
New life in darkness, no night or day

The countdown is over, we fly
Through the clouds towards the s***e
Away from the place
Where we have spent all of our days

Grim faces stare at me
I need to keep their spirits high
Never surrender, never forget
There's no other way: just try
Find a meaning, find a cause
Strive to reach a peace of mind
We must fight, we must survive
The banner bearers of mankind

Behold the last horizon
It's clear, the end is near
On this decisive moment
We set our course towards the great unknown
The last horizon (Where do we go?)
Crimson horizon (Find a new home)
We are lost forever (The great unknown)
We dream of a new beginning

And now we understand
We knew all the time but we always stayed our hand
Too late, too late to change the course
For years and years we have poisoned our source

We fly towards new stars
In search of home refugees
Can't hide their scars
We can't reverse the flow of sand
We burned our land, drove mankind to exile
Behold the last horizon

The last horizon (Where do we go?)
Crimson horizon (Find a new home)
We are lost forever (The great unknown)
The last horizon

And now we understand
The extent of our crime
When the globe lies far behind
Too late to understand
To change our course
We burned our land, exiled ourselves
(This is the end)

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