Walking in the Rain Lyrics - Kenziner

Kenziner Timescape cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-5-27
Genre: Rock
Style: Progressive Metal/Symphonic Rock
length: 7:08
All we everwanted was life alone
All we ever did was always known
We searched throughout the world
It was always the same
The only way out was walking in the rain
I never knew, what we were due
At the first light of the day, we were always betrayed
I know the writings on the wall
I hear it screaming out our call
It's just another heartbreak
It's just one more tragedy
You always were my hero
You're now immostalized
Even though the play is over
And the curtains are drawn
And though the crowd, left you alone
The memories live on
We all seem to know, you're not really gone
Walking in the rain...
Forever Walking in the rain...
Timeless Walking in the rain...
Forever Walking in the rain...
For know it's true, I'm without you
Since that tragic day, we were both betrayed
Evem though the rain is over
And the time moves on
You're in the hearts of all
Forevermore, so long
I count the minutes of, our yesterdays alone
I know it's true, I'm withouth you
At the first light of day, we were always betrayed
[repeat 5]</i>
All we ever wanted, was life alone
Walking in the rain...

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