Secure Lyrics - Kerbdog

Release information
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Hard Rock
length: 4:04
It' a different kind of bleeding that makes the fear react.
And if I could try to make some sense I'm sure that you'd relax.
In answer to the question asked,
I hope that my reply relieves you of the tension here if only for a while.

And I will help get you out.
You're not home but you've got to know to.
See me see me smile,
'Cause I don't think I got things right this time.

Guess who's in control now that I managed just to clear my eyes?
Maybe I'm a goner but at least I've tried to work it out.
Ain't you feeling happy when you're on your own?
It's a different kind of cold now,

You've just come in the room.
If you or I could gain some ground then neither'd be the fool.
But you insist on teasing me,
Gets closer to the bone.

And if I can't be responsible if I am left
If I am left.
Short change shooter,
It can only get you flack.

And if I said that I was sorry would you let me take it back?
How do you know?
So do you care?
Now that what we've got was never meant to be.

Always ends up beat.
Up on the roof.
An angel next to me.
'Cause I saw your face in a magazine.

Show me the eyes you know that I despise.
The joke decides the way that you or I will?
Deal with this or help yourself to more.
Thanks a lot I'll show you to the door.

See me, see me smile cause I don't think I'm born to get things right.
Guess who's in control?
I just cleared my eyes.

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