Ricorso Lyrics - Kernunna

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Release Date: 2013-9-19
length: 9:44
Riverrun, Ricorso, Fall infinity, Lupus Vitali - 'Fallawaken'
Once there, never ending -M'a vez mais
Nascente, Finn again. Nostra! Over all, we got the same 'beginending'
The Spiral - Flowing 'disguising' words
Since Adam passed by...Withim his fall
We may find out...Once, broken dreams- Ritornello
Whenever one falls, whenever one is cheated on
Available ropes! Neck - Up, tight

Shall I believe in this mirror? Such a "failable", weird enquire
The Stolen Child is right back then- If that's already done- Pass by
Don't be upset with those 'fellas' - There will always be those lucky ones
For each who've failed there's one yelling, Nobody owns the roles- Play on
We've been playing the heroes and saints
We've been playing the villains and vain

Am I wrong? Am I cheating?
Did I mean anything blank, da?
The Stolen Child is right back then
If that's already done- Pass by
She is climbing up the Bony Hill
Is she alone, does she can still? I could drop out...

Don't even ask about the people of the dawn ...
Where are they?

This has been told, She is the river
She puffs the 'blazzines' on, my dear
Scared wounds through twilight shades...
Along the wake

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