Welcome to the Bay Lyrics - Kero One

Release information
Release Date: 2009-4
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop Funk / Soul Pop Folk, World, & Country
Style: Soul/Rhythm & Blues/Hip Hop/Conscious
length: 4:59
Verse 1
Welcome to the bay!
where the clouds can't stay
theyâ??re chased away by the rays
blazed by the sun that sets in the west
where money travels hands like our credit card debts
like screw it, Iâ??mma pick up those brand new kicks
charge it to the game, worry bout it when we rich
like silicon valley, where nerds get hitched
to super hot wifeyâ??s, with silicon chest
who might fund the bricks that'll build the projects
mostly if itâ??s a look, that'll increase margins
and everyday we walk past those thatâ??s starving
or trying to get a hit, the source of their problems
hey, Iâ??m just trying do the best that I can
in a hi-tech world, moving faster than grams
slanged in the Mission (district) where gunshots are numerous
drug problems are ludicrous,
crack babies from uterus,
hey, I know a few know what Iâ??m talking about
itâ??s the place we've grown, itâ??s a place called home
itâ??s a place that we face everyday in the morn (ing)

a place if I leave best believe i'll be torn
itâ??s the bay.

No matter how long Iâ??m away
Iâ??ll be there..
No matter how long I can stay
Iâ??ll be here..
No matter how long Iâ??m away
Iâ??ll be there..
No matter how long I can stay
Iâ??ll be here..


And it was only 1 score and 7 years ago
my folks came to the bay searching for vehicles
they had the drive to drive towards the scenic view
flat broke where hopes and dreams were feasible
coming from Asia, things were barely readable
burgers and fries, things were barely eatable
but opportune, this place was unbelievable
inconceivable when words like c____ were teachable
despite the racism, they asked what would Jesus do..
and prayed for children, God willing received a few
then I arrived, survived 89â??
when quakes shook us up and scuffed our state of mind..
I grew up to an ill-fitting suit, trying to climb
from corporate to forfeit, scoring checks to rhyme
and Iâ??m now in Frisco, water surrounds my grind
and men in leather chaps or chaps with gang signs
the home of hyphy, where living is pricey
and blood paints the streets that police just might see
itâ??s the home Iâ??m at, raised and born
the home if I leave best believe Iâ??ll be torn its the bay...


inhale exhale
take a breath, thatâ??s the bay we smell
inhale exhale..
take a breath, its the place we dwell
inhale exhale..
take a breath, thatâ??s the bay we smell
inhale exhale
take a breath, as the bay prevails..

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