When the Sunshine Comes Lyrics - Kero One

Release information
Release Date: 2009-4
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop Funk / Soul Pop Folk, World, & Country
Style: Soul/Rhythm & Blues/Hip Hop/Conscious
length: 4:28
guest performer: Epik High
When the sunshine comes
Its rays they seem to talk to me
When the sunshine comes
The sunny days shine on to set me free

Verse 1
It seemed like it took forever ..for that sun to shine
counting down the days in the back of her mind
years without a man, a hill that̢۪s hard to climb
at times she'd mask it, acting like all is fine
with her, party nights, Gemini life
hangovers barely sober, with her stomach uptight
yeah, a few flings but none that brought a ring
her clouds followed proud, till̢۪ one evening
it̢۪s like her spell erased, replaced by this dude
hotter than Vegas summers, with charm its major news
PhD degree, male chivalry
even carried her on his back drunk in shiny shoes
romance, here's her chance, ring in his hand...
tears embraced her cheek saying yes to the plan.
call the girls, they wont believe the ring she had
finally, the sun touched her skin as she sang..


Verse 2
Now for Jon this step was major, favorably viewed
Jane had looks and brains, and his parents approved
it happened so quickly, but what could he do
the pressure built swiftly, with his girl in his groove
like planting seeds talking honeymoon in Greece
marriage, baby carriage, what your parents think of me?
Apparently, they been wanting this knot tied
but this smothered his vibe, till clouds hovered his mind

sucking up time from his med school grind
he tried to unwind, forget wine, he sniffed lines
a blast to his past, his college days ways
that white holiday where he'd frolic and play
now to most, this might seem dark in every sense
but for Jon, he saw sun with every hit
until he saw his girl, when she found his crack pipe
the words from her mouth, threw him off into a fight
no resolution they broke up that night
months passed,. her tears dried. as she criedâ€Â¦


Verse 3
Nowadays, Jane wakes up feeling refreshed
knowing that she's glowing, from growing without regrets
minus a few steps multiplied by its mess
ctrl alt del reset equals refreshed
the summer is here, the drama is clear
it's time to call the girls bring the boys and beers
day in day out, party till dawn
until one day, her body went num
petite frame, couldn̢۪t handle all the rum
body in seizure, hypothermic fever
ambulance rush to Emergency research
the doc clears the crowd, screams out loud to leave her
starts the IV's in blinks of an eye
his hands on her thigh, he hopes she̢۪s alive
hours go by, she opens her eyes for light,
only to see, it was Dr. Jon, who saved her life


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