Wandering Spirit Lyrics - Kerry Livgren

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length: 4:13
I've been waiting for streets paved with gold
Staying alive, but numb from the cold
Drifting away, for the bent of the flesh is to stray
Lord, help me obey
Falling, but His gentle hand
Lifts me again, and helps me to stand
How can it be, there is so much rebellion in me
Oh, Lord set me free

The lamp is burning, the table prepared
For the wayfaring son's coming home
Oh, Holy Father come dwell in this place
Or my wandering spirit will roam
Father of Lights, no shadow of change
Giving Your life, for mine in exchange
Scarlet to white, You have given my blind eyes their sight
Lord, make me contrite

On Your cross I died, justice satisfied
With my Lord I rose, and the living water flows


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