Kerser Is The Sickest Lyrics - Kerser

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Release Date: 2011-10-14
length: 3:41
I'll be f***** in the studio with Nebs and yep we pop anything
Xanax and endone and some cough medicine
Nah, you're not getting I'm hyped, I'm offsettin' my mic
I'm more excellent, defiance to be better described
Kerser, I'm your boyfriend's favorite
But then they get the s**** cos they're girlfriends player
People love me yeah, only hated by a whack bunch
Probably cause my crew jacked their **** and left em smacked up
Don't hate the player they say, hate the game
Yeah why a hater calls you rap so you can take the blame
I see coppers and I laugh cause you're not my equal
I'm sellin CDs and yeah this ****'s legal
This is easy, gang ****, gutter rap
Spoken from a street view so you can't **** with that
I want something back I'm charging with interest
And say what to me it's beg your pardon you b******

**** all you b******, ****, **** all you b******
Kerser's at the club and I'm the sickest ****

The attitude on me, you think it's ******, eh?
I don't give a ****, **** face
I'm in the southwest, trooper soldiers by my side
You're with your girl she see's the crew and she's like "bye bye guy!"
How the **** you know and where the **** you been
How you know her? They're laughin' like "see lad?"
It's a hell of a life, I might just yell on the mic
I'm the relevant guy you're the irrelevant type
Do you get me now? I **** around until the world, til the west is up
You're a filthy ****, you're not as fresh as us
So slap your little sister down til she gets me drugs
I'm on the bestest buzz, a straight reckless ****
I'll leave your body ??? with your f***** neckless tie
You got a ??? ****, well hit the deck you might
You better check what's up, I got a nest of bugs, what?
Kerser is the sickest
**** all you b******
Kerser's at the club and I'm the sickest ****
You make me laugh there saying your producer is fresh
Are you a dumb **** lad, my producer is Nebs
And I've said I'll b**p heads with all of ya's
We can brawl with words, I've got some terms that'll corner ya's
What they gonna do when I get to the spittin'
Now I got em in position make em tap out by submission
You seen me brother with your CD cover
Have to leave it on the curb for you to ever be gutter
Mother ****** you're the buzz on the street
They hold "Got Beef?" events, c**** come to see me
I can brag what I do, yeah sad cause it's true
Think I give a **** about a lad with a crew?
I do it properly from straight talk to comedy
Honestly gotta be watchin me top of these
Whack rappers and backpackers laying out
I'm coming from the street so we never had the same route

Kerser is the sickest
**** all you b******
Kerser's at the club and I'm the sickest ****

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