You Know Me Lyrics - Kerser

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Release Date: 2011-10-14
length: 4:22

[verse 1]

I dont know who you are, imma youtube star
If the views payed cash id have two new cars
See im just having fun but the cash will come
When i quit being lazy get it happening
Man the lps coming but we took our time
Got the recipe, flavor and we cooked it right
Now you wittiness, sickness, mixed with fitness
When it comes to rap if you break it i'll fix it
Ballistic, sadistic, check the statistics
I could say kill yourself your kids would have the wrist slit
Fuck that what i need you to do light the base when you breath it in ooo
Best feeling like the feeling that my rap gives
When i have kids they'll be running the rap biz
20 years from now your kids knowing the name
My kids will have your kids going insane

[Chorus] x2

You know me if you don't know you better ask someone
You know me, put the drugs in the saddy and you pass me some

[verse 2]

On stage got a beer for a mic
Crowd be yelling out we ain't hearing you right
Whoops my bad, yep that be my bag
I get high lad, high like times that buy 5 times nine
Now you seeing what be going through my mind
Write rhymes my sky dive at night time
Jumping of a jet star told you that a fly guys
High ride at the same time nice guy
What they call me if 'm sniffing on a white line
Drive by with a fly by might try put the fly by card in the wifi
Internet laptop what to say next did it make sense dont care
Cause im great yes
They stress cause they struggling to catch me
Indian cabbies got my pumpin' in the taxis


Kay cuz we can blame drugs aye brahz
Got a dollar for a rapper with a taped up
Nokia but im hoping it works, get a phone call
"hello, is this kers"
I can't hear now i gotta hang up
Smokin on my profit so i can't even slang drugs
Shits fucked up still see a happy side
People see my music and they knowing that the raps alive
Its alive and you knowing that its all good
I shut you out, something like a door would
Your hood full of mansions and rich cunts
My hood full of cancer and sick drugs
Sick sluts in a sick truck shit bruh should i even mention that they ganged her got her wrists cuffed
Hick ups but i still got a pass gotta call it a quits cause im bout to have a fit, fuckkk


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