Can't Believe Lyrics - Keshia Chanté

Release information
Release Date: 2006-12-5
Genre: Hip Hop Funk / Soul
Style: RnB/Swing/Rhythm & Blues
length: 3:36
So good to finally
Get where we need to be
Cause I was so close to losing my mind
Right now is the time
Made for you and I to do whatever we would like
Without a care or fear cause were in

In a place that we always dreamed of
Where we can breathe and be free with our love
A place where we can clear our heads and forget about what
Everyone says

I can't believe that we're finally here
A zone that just can't be found anywhere
Something so special that only we can share (i can't believe)
I can't believe that were finally here
It was well worth the wait my dear
I'm so happy you got me flowing teams - of joy

It's all overwhelming me
To the point where I don't wanna leave
But if I got to I just wanna make sure
We can always come back,always come back for me
Of this blissful life,I always see when I close my eyes
And the memories I have to remind me
Keep me wanting to be

That's all I can say,cause I'm so happy
(I'm so happy so happy finally)
Thank you for making me so so happy
I can't believe

joy, mm
Uh no no
I can't believe

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