Love Is War Lyrics - Kessler

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Release Date: 2008-7-8
length: 2:54
Cold air the lights
Are out tonight
The streets are wet
As I walk
This lonely stretch
From my house
To your house
Through my veins
Hopes are high
And my heart
Is in my throat
It's now or never
So I've got to get
It out for good

Tonight I will sing
Just one song
All the words
I've held onto so long
Will come out
They will come out
What you need to hear
I'll finally say

Out the things
I would say
Stay outta sight
Not to give it away
I'm writing lines
To win
Your heart tonight
I know you've been
Through this before
I swear I'm different
But I'm willing
To wait
I lied when I said
I never had it
Bad for you

Your like the air
That I'm beggin for
And I'm dying to live
Your like the air
That I'm beggin' for
And I'm dying to catch
My breath this time

Love is war
And you're worth
Every fight
And I've come
To tell you
This tonight
Can't you hear
My heart
It's screaming

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