Who Sang Cold Shoulder? Kevin Ayers

Kevin Ayers The Unfairground cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007-9-10
Genre: Rock
Style: Folk Rock/Alternative Rock
length: 3:08
I don't understand anymore
As I grow older
Nothing seems to be clearer
Than before, um hum

Old shoulders
Become cold shoulders
Nothing left to dream on

We're all kept in fear
We're afraid to take
Too many chances

We must keep in step
But there are just too many
Different dances

And those old shoulders
Become cold shoulders
Nothing you can lean on

CD 1
  • 1 Only Heaven Knows
  • 2 Cold Shoulder
  • 3 Walk on Water
  • 4 Friends and Strangers
  • 5 Shine a Light
  • 6 Wide Awake
  • 7 Baby Come Home
  • 8 Brainstorm
  • 9 Unfairground
  • 10 Run Run Run