Who Sang Nine? Kevin Hearn

Kevin Hearn Mothball Mint cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1997
length: 2:55
composer: Rheostatics, Kevin Hearn

You can run so fast when you're nine
And no one can catch you when you're nine
You were running by the lake
And a sudden burst of speed
With your favorite t-shirt on
And then the air was clean
And your head was clean
Did you stop too fast?
So fast that part of you broke free
And it's somewhere out there in the air
Is it something you can catch?
Will you ever run that fast?
Will you ever run that fast?
You can run that fast

CD 1
  • 1 Potbelly
  • 2 Nine
  • 3 Horizon
  • 4 Rise and Fall Down Again
  • 5 Knots
  • 6 Run Down Shack
  • 7 Bus Depot (Hometown)
  • 8 This Is It
  • 9 Insomnia
  • 10 Oh Glowworm
  • 11 Boatride to Bubbly Bay
  • 12 Saving Up for Trouble