Who Sang This Is It? Kevin Hearn

Kevin Hearn Mothball Mint cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1997
length: 1:30
When I woke up this morning
It was a beautiful, beautiful morning
There was:
Fresh better melting on a waffle

The sky so blue the clouds felt awful
Beavers swimming around their hut and
Someone was building a mini-putt
What else?

There was a bull rush brown
Like a toasty marshmallow
Bullfrogs singing like some weird kind of cello
Fish jump up for a flippity-flip

Oh, what is life? This is it
This is it
This is it
Oh, this is it.


CD 1
  • 1 Potbelly
  • 2 Nine
  • 3 Horizon
  • 4 Rise and Fall Down Again
  • 5 Knots
  • 6 Run Down Shack
  • 7 Bus Depot (Hometown)
  • 8 This Is It
  • 9 Insomnia
  • 10 Oh Glowworm
  • 11 Boatride to Bubbly Bay
  • 12 Saving Up for Trouble