Who Sang This Is What You Came For? Kid Capri

Kid Capri The Tape cover art
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Release Date: 1991
Genre: Hip Hop
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{​*whistling wind sounds*}​
And now.. the quiet blizzard {​*cracks up*}​
.. on your radio dial..
I like doin this s___

Now let me tell you it's Capri, and I'm as smooth as I wanna be
Givin you flavor, constantly
I never thought another rapper wanna step to this
And get hisself caught up in the mix
Cause this is a groove that I don't wanna lose
And if you step wrong, you might get battered and bruised, huh
And you don't want none of that my man
Cause on stage, I'm bad with the microphone stand
And all the girls love to see me perform
Some n____s said well, Capri got it goin on
Tape master, blew up large
And sit back, let my girl, give me a massage
And sippin Dom Perignon, eatin grapes
While Silver D makes the record, with no mistakes, huh
This is the life, so how could I give it up?
If anything, the ? is gonna live it up
And Money Mark, he's sharp as an Acura
You used to laugh, so now he's laughin back at ya
So now you know how it feels when the tables turn
Kid Capri is in effect and I'm here to burn
And now you're beggin and beggin for more
So let's face it, this is what you came here for

This is what you came here for
Ah come on baby, yeahhhahhh
This is what you came here for

This is what you came here for (for) so don't you move
Sit back, listen to the music and groove
It's been a while since you had somethin smooth as this
I don't think this is somethin, you wanna miss
How could I show somebody that don't wanna be shown
How to act grown, on the microphone
All I need is somebody to hear what I say
Give me my props, give it to me right away
Now for a moment, I thought that I let you wait

Rap lord with the twist, I promise you this
That I'm, bad on the mic, double bad on the mix
I put people in the groove I make big crowds move
And I'll prove that I'm smooth and so now you gotta
Give me the benefit, of the doubt
Let me show you what it is to turn a party out, huh
I came here, to ease your mind
If I didn't wanna rhyme would I waste my time? Huh
I'm like a bodybuilder, I keep gettin thicker
While I watch all sick rappers get sicker
They's in cahoots, usin horns and, flutes
Makin all kinds of weak, samples and loops, huh
I can't see it, the crowd deserves more than that
Because they came to see a real rapper rap
So Capri gives you more
After all, this is what you came here for

This is what you came here for
Yeah, aw come on baby
This is what you came here for
This is what you came here for

Ah come on let's compete ??
This is what you came here for
I will rock you all day long honey my love
This is what you came here for

This is what you came here for
It's what you came for
And DJ Doc let em know what you came here for

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    label: Cold Chillin’
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 075992647427
    script: Latin