WCSR Lyrics - Kid Rock feat. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Cocky cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001-11-19
Genre: Hip Hop Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Alternative Rock/Funk Metal/Pop Rock/Country Rock/Blues Rock/Southern Rock
length: 4:45
producer: Kid Rock
vocal: Kid Rock
mixer: Al Sutton and Kid Rock
engineer: Al Sutton
bass: Kid Rock
guitar: Kenny Olson and Kid Rock
other vocals: Snoop Dogg
synthesizer: Kid Rock
writer: Kid Rock, Calvin Broadus
Kid rock I got the sex rhymes
Kid rock I got the sex rhymes
Kid rock I got the sex rhymes

All world class

Kid rock mutha ****er Yo I ain't no ***
I **** *****es dry **** em on the rag
Tag their toes check em off my list
Hoes get ****ed they don't get kissed

A simplistic pimp gettin much respect
I'll **** your mouth and leave your *** in debt
Jet set the country on yer world purse
Just to show you how a real pimp works

Remove yer shirt show me them *******
I'll drive my **** right through your twin cities
Around your bends over your curves and ***
Park it in yer mouth til I run outta gas

Snoop Dogg I got the sex rhymes
Snoop Dogg I got the sex rhymes
Snoop Dogg I got the sex rhymes
All World Calss

It ain't nothin like black ***** on my ****
Word to ya mamma and ya sister *****
I play hoes like a mutha****in football game
I pull my **** out and he'll say it's good ya'll came

Ya'll did yer thang work the ***** front to back
In the bill clinton presidential cadillac
We smoked the sack the *****es couldn't handle that
Blew out my brains and left no stain

I can't complain **** it's all done with game
I ****ed so many hoes I can't remember they name
But it ain't about that ***** I really doubt that
Just turn the lights out and put my **** where ya mouth at

Kid Rock I got the sex rhymes
Kid Rock you got yer sex rhymes
Snoop I got the presidential sex rhymes

My ***** my ***** my *****

I'm on a private jet outta JFK
Sipin the Becks Feelin A OK
Look across the isle and who did I see
Bill mutha ****in clinton sittin next to me

We kicked the talk tied a couple a laughs
This stewradess walked up & asked us for our autographs
I thought it was mac and I gave her two free shirts
Bill stuck five fingers up in her skirt

So I stuck five and that made ten
**** two roosters and only one hen
Billy winked at me it was all too sweet
We tag teamed that freak at thirty thousand feet

Yeah thirty thousand mutha****in feet flyin high

Ya know we thougth we do it the most in the coast

(Lemme see if you got some gansta **** homie,
'Cause if you do I'ma kick sumpin for ya.)

Oh **** some gansta ****
All I need is a gansta *****
Cause gansta **** is all I kick
I ****s with a black, brown, or a white chick

***** you can act like you ain't with the ****
I hear to strip a *****, and cold pimp a *****

Lookin for love in all the wrong places
Lookin for love..**** love its to racist
Smokin it up in too many places
Bustin a nut in too many *****es faces

Well, I Kid Rock got ***** galore
You might get a lot of *****
I gets much more
Got scores of whores and macks know what's up

(You'se a playa)
Nope I'm a flat out slut
Got what you came for yes indeed
XTC and a sea of weed

Got a seed to plant in your field of crap
I'll wear my cowboy hat and be your farmer jack
You can hold my sac while I pack your bag
You can rub my back while I tap you're keg

One leg on the dash and one on the floor
I'll pop a cork in your *** and make you scream for more

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