Crippled with Nerves Lyrics - Kilburn and The High Roads

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Release Date: 1975
length: 3:45
I could give her the respect she deserves
But I can't cos I'm crippled with nerves
Just to take in my arms, hold her tight
But I'm sorry, I'm shaking with fright

I could touch her
I could tell her
I'm a very lucky fella
I'd cancel all proper reserves
But my hope is all gone
Got the fears coming on
And I'll die cos I'm crippled with nerves

How I wish she'd ask for a smile
She won't, I tremble a while
She's gone to my luck and my shame
Silly trying to stifle the pain

Could have touched her
Could have told her
The weight is on my shoulder
My sadness my purpose deserves
And the day turns to grey
The pain turns this way
I'll die cos I'm crippled with nerves

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