Patience (So What?) Lyrics - Kilburn and The High Roads

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Release Date: 1975
length: 3:13
Patience Eames
You're the girl of my dreams
So what?
I've been making schemes
'Til my poor head screams
So what?

I do difficult sums
And play the drums
Twiddle my thumbs
And find the crumbs
I'm quite dumb
And I come from the slums
So what?

Honesty, too
Wanna meddle with you
So what?
Well, I'm a Lambeth ruse
With beat up shoes
So what?

I got sparkly clothes
And b___ons and bows
Powder my nose
And still I glow
My beauty shows
And my nylon hose
So what?

I got charity meek
Wanna pinch your cheek
So what?
I got s__ technique
Make your eyeballs squeak
So what?

Well, I don't conform
To the usual norm
Ladies get warm
When I perform
They all adore my uniform
So what?

Fats O'Shea
Gonna get you away
So what?
You know one fine day
Gonna dead end way
So what?

An we lie on the rug
And cuddle up snug
Take a little tug
And give a little hug
Jabba dabba dabba
I feel so smug
So what?

So what?
So what?
So what?
So what?
So what?
So what?
So what?

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