Who Sang Everyman’s Tale? King Cannons

King Cannons The Brightest Light cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-6-22
length: 3:53
Tales are told
And we tell them again

They're falling down through the generations
They're coming down like dominos
Of times
wild and grey
And people looking for a better place for their family

The flags where-a-rising
Cultures torn open
Proud men stood their ground as the ships kept rolling in

The ones to confront it
were make to suffer

Bleedin' for the land that gave them life

We have power and
we have light
We got everything
that we need here
And we're all living free here
We pay the man
and fly his flag
Like the ones
that came before us
Believin' what we are told

People still divided
Moulds left unbroken
The blind lead the ones
that don't wanna know
The truth is left unspoken
The Ones who confront it
are make to suffer

For cheatin' the land that gave them life

This is everyman's tale
a burden on everyman's soul
Carved from each and every
corner of the world

Our story unfolds
As history is told

CD 1
  • 1 Stand Right Up
  • 2 Too Young
  • 3 The Brightest Light
  • 4 Too Hot To Handle
  • 5 Call For Help
  • 6 Shot To Kill
  • 7 Ride Again
  • 8 Charlie O
  • 9 The Cool Change
  • 10 On Our Own
  • 11 Everyman’s Tale
  • 12 The Last Post
  • 13 131 Bop