Who Sang Shot To Kill? King Cannons

King Cannons The Brightest Light cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-6-22
length: 3:50
They say you gotta ride 'em
When those waves crash on in
In fear
And when the water's subsided
We have sunk in too deep
We can't look back
This is for the best
I have put my own self to rest
Living in regret
Trying to forget

I shot to kill
I fell, trying to stay high up, on that cloud
I fell down, I fell down
If you are a runaway
Your gonna find out one day
You can't cheat to win
Feel the weight on your shoulder
Well that's the weight of the world
And it's causing your strain
This is for the best
I have put my own self to rest
There's life after death
Trying to forget

I kept sailing on
There is no bridges left for us, so come what may
I don't want to lock and load, I want my time again
I'm on my back, laid down on the tracks
I see my train has come and gone

CD 1
  • 1 Stand Right Up
  • 2 Too Young
  • 3 The Brightest Light
  • 4 Too Hot To Handle
  • 5 Call For Help
  • 6 Shot To Kill
  • 7 Ride Again
  • 8 Charlie O
  • 9 The Cool Change
  • 10 On Our Own
  • 11 Everyman’s Tale
  • 12 The Last Post
  • 13 131 Bop