Who Sang Too Young? King Cannons

King Cannons The Brightest Light cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-6-22
length: 3:30
We're too young to settle down
Fight in a workers battle ground

Sixteen working in a factory
Breathing that dust five days a week
Rather be rocking with the gang all night
Needed a living, didn't want a life
We'd fight, and we'd fall
Because we wanted it all

I'm taking that bus to the big city
This town is too small for a guy like me
When I get there I'll buy 'em a drink
Because we're more loving then you think
A rock won't do what a heart should
A hard front ain't a soul or a substitute
It's the same old story
We're running ourselves into the ground

Ain't nobody wants to waste their youth
When you gotta make some money, what can you do
Don't you worry I understand
In the first world, I'm a second class man
Now we're fighting, and we're falling
We still want it all

We wont be left behind

CD 1
  • 1 Stand Right Up
  • 2 Too Young
  • 3 The Brightest Light
  • 4 Too Hot To Handle
  • 5 Call For Help
  • 6 Shot To Kill
  • 7 Ride Again
  • 8 Charlie O
  • 9 The Cool Change
  • 10 On Our Own
  • 11 Everyman’s Tale
  • 12 The Last Post
  • 13 131 Bop