Who Sang Hustle the Mac? King Django

Release information
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Dancehall
length: 3:59

You think you're a player
You ain't smart enough to play me
See me? I never try to hustle nobody
That's why everywhere I go people gimme respect

Hustle the Mac, you can't get over on the Mac

I heard ya doing a lot of coke and ya braggin about the smack
I try to pull you up but you wanna be fuckin' slack
And even in your home town when shit goes down you ain't got no back
'Cause even yo momma knows that your brainpain is cracked

You better mind the way you act cause ya bound to get whacked
If you try to attack the true leader of the pack
The cards have been stacked and its time to face the fact
That the Mac can't be hustled by no little new jack

Now everything's in balance and opposites attract
So as I spring forward, then you fall ever back
You eat my food, you live in my shack
Now you wanna talk about stabbed in the back?
A plastic Mac, get hustled right back
Can't hustle the mack because your game is too wack

Try to play yourself off but ya just a little hack
Try to run a scam but you ain't got the knack
Go try your act with a little snack pack
'Cause the Mac can't be huslted by no little new jack

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