Who Sang Raise Up!? King Kapisi

King Kapisi Dominant Species cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-10-10
length: 3:21
Tell your boys to raise up
Cuz' we tear the roof off and rip the stage up
When we rock ya'll (It goes on and on)
It's non stop ya'll (It goes on and on)
(Yeah) Listen tell your boys to raise up
Cuz' we tear the roof off and rip the stage up
When we rock ya'll (It goes on and on)
Take it to the top ya'll (It goes on and on)

I'm from under, better vacate the graveyard
Scatter your limbs like the British did to Braveheart
Highway to hell we travel, that's why we stay hard
Remain calm, dropping beats like napalm
We ain't going like dance single anthems
Drown you in the depths of Atlantis we grab them
We like rock hard barboo team expansions
Scratch that (?) you are
Hear ye, hear ye, check my proclamation
You're playing yourself, like (?) Playstation
Bring the beef, I'm hungry, my belly's achin'
Yous the only problem in this rap equation
Phenomenal work, great producing infinite
No way to stop it, no way to prevent it
Hard to kill like the Chronicles of Riddick
We silence cynics, stuff your gimmicks

Make you a slave to my temple, slave to this instrumental
Psycho MC, banging in your mental
My credentials is too much to handle
Break it down nice and simple
Keep this everlasting like the valley of kings
Kaps and hip hop inseperable like siamese twins
Dopest flow in your life you've ever heard
Destroying your team and still you don't learn
It's the, return of the king, like Lord of the Rings
Incredible, remarkable, outstanding
Represent New Zealand in the ville, keeping it real
Still reppin' my old way, homeboy you know the deal
If raps were a sin they'd call me diablo
Vatican style I remove all rival
Friday the 13th, rap so psycho
Blowing up spots like missile silos


Platform, transform the art form
Smoking them speakers like old Cheech and Chong
International is how we perform
You're sounding tired, singing that same old song
A storms moving for sure with these tracks
Last mohican MC, kiss my ax
Me and my crew, we run like wolf packs
Cats bringing the heat, like Miama big Shaq


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