Who Sang Love You More? King Missile

Release information
Release Date: 1990
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock
I'm in love again, oh-oh
Been like this before, oh-oh
I'm in love again, oh-oh
This times true I'm sure, ooh-ooh
Don't wanna be hurt like no nightly wonder, ooh-oh
I been hurt so many times before, oh-ooh
So my darling, I will never leave you, oh-oh
You can tell I've learned to always, LOVE YOU MORE, oooh-ooh

Love you more,
Love you more,
It's my heart again, oh-oh

That drives me so wild, oh-oh
I just can't explain, oh-oh
Although I'm not a child, oh-oh
So why would I cry if you ever left me, ooh-ooh
Maybe 'cause your all I'm living for, ooh-ooh With every heart beat I want you badly, ooh-ooh
Until I've learned to always, LOVE YOU MORE, oooh-oooh

Love you more,
Love you more,

Oh my love again, oh-oh
What I say is true, oh-oh
Though it may sound plain, oh-oh
I love you,

I if this is part of me that I can offer, oh-oh
And if this is the true love then I am sure, ooh-ooh
That after this love there be no other, ooh-ooh
Until the razor cut.

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Title Track
  • 2 Rock-N-Roll Will Never Die
  • 3 No Point
  • 4 Gary & Melissa
  • 5 Frightened & Freezing
  • 6 How to Remember Your Dreams
  • 7 The Fish That Played the Ponies
  • 8 Jesus Was Way Cool
  • 9 Open
  • 10 The Sandbox
  • 11 The Neither World
  • 12 She Didn't Want
  • 13 Cheesecake Truck
  • 14 Equivalencies
  • 15 Love You More
  • 16 Fourthly