Who Sang Satan? King Missile

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length: 3:06
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Oh, that Satan
He's a bad one
Stay away from that one
That bad Satan man

Believe what I tell you and you'll be all right
But be careful
He's tricky
So just steer clear of that bad guy

Satan, Satan, you big meanie
Come over here bite my weenie
I'm not afraid of you anymore, you're just a big poopyhead
Ha ha ha

Stay away from him
'Cause he's the root of all your problems
Everything evil comes from him
Better believe it
He's a bad one

For example, if you're in a boat and somebody is rocking it
That's Satan, see, he is bad
He doesn't even care if the boat tips over and you drown
He doesn't care
He's just a big meanie

Bad Satan
Bad Satan

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    format: CD
    script: Latin