Who Sang Love Is Enough? Kisha

Kisha Kisha cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Pop
length: 3:37
producer: Frank Reinert, Peter Hantke and Detlef Höller
keyboard programming: Frank Reinert and Peter Hantke
guitar: Detlef Höller, Markus Wienstroer and Peter Weihe
drums (drum set) programming: Peter Hantke and Frank Reinert
composer: Detlef Höller, Frank Reinert, Peter Hantke
lyricist: Detlef Höller, Peter Hantke, Ursula Kobel, Frank Reinert
Everybody Says We're Too Young
Our Love Is Not Going On
They Say You Better Go Away
Cos This Love Is Made Of Sorrow And Pain

No Sun Just Rain
I Guess They Never Heard Of Love
No Doubt What We're Talking All About
Cos Our Love Will Stay
You Know We Go Our Own Way

Love Is Enough
I Know That Love Is Enough
We Can Make It Through Stormy Weather
As Long As We Stay Together.....

Our Love Is Young
People Always Say It'll Fade Away
Our Trust Is Strong
That's Why We Got To Keep Holding On

Go For Love
Nothing Better To Feed Your Heart
Feel Free To Do
Whatever Your Heart Is Telling You
Is True
Is All So True


CD 1
  • 1 Why
  • 2 Pray
  • 3 On My Way
  • 4 Love Is Enough
  • 5 Fairytale
  • 6 I Wanna Be in Love With You
  • 7 Little Pieces of You
  • 8 Yeah Yeah Yeah
  • 9 This Is What I Feel
  • 10 I'll Be With You
  • 11 Close to You
  • 12 Never Thought This Could Be Love
  • 13 Evi's Song