Who Sang What Have I Done?? Kittie

Kittie I've Failed You cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-8-30
Genre: Rock
Style: Nu Metal/Heavy Metal
length: 5:25
producer: Siegfried Meier
membranophone: Mercedes Lander
mixer: Siegfried Meier
engineer: Siegfried Meier
bass: Ivy Vujic
background vocals: Mercedes Lander
guitar: Morgan Lander and Tara McLeod
percussion: Mercedes Lander
writer: Kittie
These tears I've cried a thousand
I'm slowly losing ground

Oh, what have I done?
Oh, a setting sun
Oh, what have I done?
Oh, a setting sun

In silence Cold December
Just barely treading water
If to live is to suffer,
I have lived a thousand lives

Over and over, had my happiness denied
Lifeless and soulless and
Loveless and hopeless
A pathetic mess in a heap on the floor
I am the catalyst,
Destroyer of my own world

CD 1
  • 1 I've Failed You
  • 2 We Are the Lamb
  • 3 Whisper of Death
  • 4 What Have I Done?
  • 5 Empires, Pt. 1
  • 6 Empires, Pt. 2
  • 7 Come Undone
  • 8 Already Dead
  • 9 Never Come Home
  • 10 Ugly
  • 11 Time Never Heals