Who Sang Ma Baker? Knorkator

Knorkator Ich hasse Musik cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-9-15
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Parody/Heavy Metal
length: 3:42
composer: Frank Farian, Fred Jay, George Reyam
lyricist: Frank Farian, Fred Jay, George Reyam
She was the meanest cat in old Chicago town.
She was the meanest cat, she really moved them down.
She had no heart at all, no no no heart at all.
She was the meanest cat; oh, she was really tough.
She left her husband’s flat; he wasn’t tough enough.
She took her boys along, cause they were mean and strong.

Ma Baker- she taught her four sons
Ma Baker- to handle their guns
Ma Baker- she never could cry,
Ma Baker- but she knew how to die

They left a trail of crime across the USA.
And when a boy was killed, she really made them pay.
She had no heart at all, no no no heart at all.

Ma Baker...

She met a man she liked, she thought she’d stay with him.
One day he formed with them; they did away with him.
She didn’t care at all, just didn’t care at all.

Here’s a spezial bulletin! Ma Baker is the FBI’s most wanted woman. Her photo is hanging on every post office wall. If you have any information about this woman, please contact the next police station!

One day they robbed a bank; it was their last forey.
The cops appeared too soon - they couldn’t get away
And all the loot they had, it made them mighty mad
And so they shot it out, Ma Baker and her sons
They didn’t want to hang, they died with blazing guns
And so the story ends of one who left no friends

CD 1
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  • 2 Ich hasse Musik
  • 3 Try Again
  • 4 Ich bin überhaupt nicht da
  • 5 Mai khao djai
  • 6 Schmutzfink
  • 7 Schüchtern
  • 8 Aeger sum
  • 9 Ma Baker
  • 10 Wie weit ist es bis zum Horizont
  • 11 Makellos
  • 12 Schweigeminute
  • 13 Beating Around the Bush
  • 14 Mai khao djai (APUL remix)
  • 15 Ich hasse Musik (APUL remix)
  • 16 Schmutzfink (Guildo Horn Waldorf mix)
  • 17 Making Off