Who Sang Come Together? Kool & The Gang

Kool & The Gang Love & Understanding cover art
Release information
Writer(s): Dennis A. Tomich, Frederick Dewey Smith, Michael Davis, Robert W. Derminer, Wayne Kambes
Release Date: 1976
length: 2:47
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I am out you are in
Let us form a link
And move in rhythms
Slide apart and slide apart
Come together yes
Together in the darkness...
Come with me
Let us dance the
Let us dance the dance
The dance from which all dances come
Yes together in the darkness
Astounding ohh
Together mama yes yes yes
Together momma yes yes yes yes
All the guiding rhythms of the
All the nerve that takes a lover
Nipples stiffen, nipples stiffen,
Nipples stiffen mama
Let me give tongue to it yes
Let me give tongue to it yes
Together in the darkness...come with me
Yes yes yes together momma
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes wow!
Oh god, it's getting closer
Oh and when it gets closer
Oh god it's so close now
God it's so close yes yes yes
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
All right build to a rising
Build to a gathering
Build to a quaking
Build to eruption
Build to a peak and
Fall gasping over
Together yes together in the darkness
Owww! now, now, now, owww! yowww!

12" Vinyl 1
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  • Release information
    label: De‐Lite Records
    country(area): United States
    format: 12" Vinyl
    script: Latin