Who Sang Conversations? Korea Girl

Release information
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock
length: 2:29
here we start.
how's the weather outside?
well it's cold and gray,
same as yesterday
colors turn and fade
and I keep fading in and out

i've been starting conversations only to
loose momentum
empty words echo through the shell of someone long forgotten
they can't reach me as I crawl back
even further inside
the deepest corners of my mind to find

and we say
words are spoken and exchanged
I feel fine okay then I ask you the same
as my mind strays
thoughts keep wandering away
i've been thinking about Manfred by Byron
he was equally disdainful of life as of death
the superfriends hour wonder twins
power activate
and s___e the final frontier
as you keep standing here
tell me why I occupy my mind?
I seem to lower my i.q.
the longer I keep talking to you
as we talk about the little things
that add up to nothing

well it's the same conversation just another face and time
I keep dropping these hints to you
but never seem to get through
I have got to find the right words to say
to make you go away

well it's been swell
and I can tell
It's gonna be a great day

CD 1
  • 1 B-Side
  • 2 Under the Sun
  • 3 Reunion
  • 4 Upside Down
  • 5 Peon
  • 6 Pariah
  • 7 Li'l Bunch
  • 8 Serpentine
  • 9 Conversations
  • 10 Atomic Skies
  • 11 Wile E.
  • 12 Prozac
  • 13 Democracy & Kings
  • 14 Hey Akane!
  • 15 Prozac (drummed demo)
  • 16 Li'l Bullhorn (demo)
  • 17 Upside Down (demo)
  • 18 Peon (demo)
  • 19 Wile E. (demo)