Who Sang Serpentine? Korea Girl

Release information
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock
length: 4:08
dressed in white,
paints her face,
wraps herself in neon signs.
you know she hates this,
carpenter in a dress,
needs no love
cause she's something-
ultra blessed.
she needs the test
you know she needs it.
overseas, under skies
she sees no hope,
so now sometimes she wonders why
I never try; you know I hate this
‘giddy up, you need a ride?
you look just fine.
leavenworth, 6pm. wait for me
cause you'll never know
when I'll need a friend
I need a friend, you know I need this
semper fi's never true
when boys they come
they want to come all over you
they come for you
you know they need this

CD 1
  • 1 B-Side
  • 2 Under the Sun
  • 3 Reunion
  • 4 Upside Down
  • 5 Peon
  • 6 Pariah
  • 7 Li'l Bunch
  • 8 Serpentine
  • 9 Conversations
  • 10 Atomic Skies
  • 11 Wile E.
  • 12 Prozac
  • 13 Democracy & Kings
  • 14 Hey Akane!
  • 15 Prozac (drummed demo)
  • 16 Li'l Bullhorn (demo)
  • 17 Upside Down (demo)
  • 18 Peon (demo)
  • 19 Wile E. (demo)